Dirty secret at the bottom of the Great Lakes

Discourse's first independent commission was released last month on VICE's Motherboard Channel. In the documentary, Oil & Water: Sunken Hazards of North America's Pipeline Industry we investigate a 62-year old oil pipeline running through the largest freshwater system on earth - the Great Lakes. The film was reported, produced and edited by Spencer Chumbley. Chris Gill - former Discourse member and now VICE Staff member was the Director of Photography. Additional editing and production support was provided by Joe Van Eeckhout. Press for the piece can be found here:

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Filming Pipeline Nation for VICE News

Spencer Chumbley shot and field produced the latest environmental story from VICE News. He traveled to Glendive, Montana with Nilo Tabrizy several days after a pipeline ruptured underneath the Yellowstone River and contaminated the towns drinking water supply. The 15+ minute documentary explores the incident and failures in America's pipeline regulatory system. It was shot primarily on the Canon C300, with the Washington, DC portion being shot on the Sony FS7.

We help VICE News resurrect "Toxic" series

VICE News has resurrected the media brand's popular environmental series - Toxic. Discourse was there behind the camera for the latest installment on the coal ash. 

Erik Ljung was responsible for principle photography North Carolina and  Spencer Chumbley filmed on location in Pennsylvania and Washington, DC. We utilized Canon's popular EOS-Cinema C100 and C300 series cameras. 

Looking for more? Look at these environmentally focused films that we have worked on: Petcoke: Toxic Waste in the Windy City, Bomb Trains: The Crude Gamble of Oil by Rail.